Atlassian Statuspage builds trust with every incident by easily communicating real-time status to your users.
If your IT Ops or DevOps team collaborates in Slack and you are big users of Statuspage, our integration will help you speed up working with Statuspage. StatusPage helps customers easily communicate real-time status to your users. Making sure updates are timely, accurate, and detailed is critical to ensuring customers get value from those updates. However, this is not always the case, operators often have to make a tradeoff between investing the time in an update or getting the problem fixed. With RigD this tradeoff is eliminated. RigD enables efficient updates of your page in seconds right from Slack. Our Bot even helps you incorporate automate status changes into our incident management process. For those internal folks looking to stay up to date without the expense of context switching RigD is also the answer. Get the latest status on pages, components, and incidents in Slack through RigD.

Keeping Internal Teams and External Users up to date on the status of your service is time consuming


Why do IT Operations and DevOps professional spend so much time switching between tools just to keep people up to date on issues and incidents?
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Context switching wastes time – why be forced to switch between Slack, Statuspage, and a variety of other tools?
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StatusPage Component Get- Update
Existing do it yourself bots or the StatusPage bot have limited functionality, and is not intended to make Slack the primary interface. Users still have to access Statuspage UI while working in Slack.  Orchestrating those interactions is even more cumbersome and rarely achieved.
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Devs and Ops prefer to do things their way, with their tools, integrated into their processes.¬† Don’t be shoehorned into brittle, partial solutions.
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