How It Works
RigD helps you transform your collaborative platform like Slack into a place where you can get work done, not just talk about it! No longer are you dealing with context switching, RigD allows for seamless transition between your different operational tools and investments. Already a PagerDuty master? Well you won’t miss a beat with RigD! Troubleshooting infrastructure or application issues? We won't let you get lost as you collaborate with your team. For those just getting their sea legs, you’ll find RigD easy to use and a true learning tool. Getting going with RigD is a breeze!

Bring Our Bot To Work

Slack is a great tool for collaboration. When you are ready to go simply add our Slack app from the Slack App directory. From there you’ll be doing everything from within Slack, from activities to setup to administration.


So now you have RigD Bot in Slack, he’s on the job and ready to work for you! Don’t know where to start, no problem just ask the RigD for some help.  Our Bot experience is Natural Language based, no need for slash commands.

Get the PagerDuty Slack App Now!

Now Watch our Bot Learn and Help You Reduce Work and Save Time

As you start working with RigD, you will notice RigD giving you suggestions. The more you work into a an operational incident the smarter RigD becomes. You will notice not only time saved, but also a greater ability to focus on future tasks earlier, less effort trying to remember where to go for that next thing. 


Operations teams spend too much time troubleshooting, communicating and remediating incidents to restore service. They can move faster and with less friction using machine learning based augmentation from RigD Bot with their PagerDuty and Slack installations because RigD reduces workloads and increase human efficiency through PagerDuty and other activities in Slack, right were the team is already collaborating.