The RigD Crew

Justin Griffin

CEO and Founder

Claude Hamou

VP Engineering

Wayne Greene


The demand for automation across all facets of the business and businesses processes is expanding as the technology landscape is changing.  We saw this first hand in the industry:

  • The amount of data and number of tools people interact with is increasing substantially driving more complexity into automation initiatives​
  • The work is decentralizing into the lines of business​
  • IT practitioners are expecting a solution that returns value in minutes not days or weeks


We view RigD as the answer for the next generation of business automation. 

  • We help customers accelerate operational processes by simplifying their tool interactions and using machine learning to augment the process with automation
  • Customers will save time, reduce operational costs, and most importantly maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers and people


This is why we started RigD and are building a company to provide this value.