Careers at RigD
Does getting more done in less time appeal to you? Of course it does! We think we are doing some pretty cool things here at RigD that will have a huge impact on the way teams operate. If you have a desire to experience life at Startup or already know and love it, then you need to consider signing on to the Crew at RigD!

Our Values

We have two simple values here at RigD that are a must for anyone considering an opportunity to join the crew.

First, Be Helpful. Help our teammates, help our friends, help anyone in need. We take joy in helping people and want to translate that enjoyment into a meaningful company.


Second, Don’t Stress about Work. People aren’t generally happy and helpful if they are stressed. We like happy and helpful people at RigD! We also believe this leads to better execution. You spend a lot of time at work, shouldn’t it be a good time? 

Learn more about the rest of the Crew and why we are building RigD here.



Technical Operations

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Product Management

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