AWS Cloud Services are a cornerstone of many cloud services. RigD Brings that data to you right in Slack.
If your IT Ops or DevOps team collaborates in Slack and you are big users of AWS, our integration will help you speed up working with AWS. With our integration to SNS and Cloudwatch you can get all the data you need right in Slack.

RigD development teams eat our own cooking


We build our platform services with these Amazon Integrations

Rigd is a Serverless app and we actually use our App to run Flows to deploy ourselves.  That is why we have integrations to a set of AWS services that RigD uses.  Hence RigD has native integration to the following AWS services:

  • CodeCommit
  • Lambda
  • CodeBuild
  • SSM
  • IAM
  • SAM
  • CloudWatch
  • S3
  • ApiGateway
  • EKS
  • Region
  • DynamoDB

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SNS & Cloud Watch Slack App Screen Shots