Modern incident management for operating always-on services

Work your Opsgenie alerts in Slack.  RigD has a natural language “chatops” interface for working alerts and incidents.  Once you set up an alert feed, you can start work with RigD to create a dedicated channel or thread to allow the team to collaborate in a message first way around the alert.  Perform Opsgenie activities, resolve the incident and then get an alert report and run a postmortmem.  Right from Slack, where your team lives.

Save time and resolve the alert faster.  Make your customers happy.

Key Opgenie Slack App Capabilities

  • Start working a Opsgenie alert, right from your Opsgenie feed
  • Create the Slack channel or thread to manage all the work and incident response
  • Anchor message with all the details you need about the alert or incident
  • Help manage all the activity that is occurring in Slack: update, assign tasks, seek approvals and get details
  • Create and run workflows that can drive triage, work processes and integrations with other tools such as Datadog, JIRA or Atlassian Statuspage
  • Get an issue report that details SLA information, a transcript of all messages, both human and machine with NLP analysis, and a handy graph detailing all the interactions during the alert session

Get the RigD Slack App Now! Work Opsgenie Alerts in Slack.