For Everyone Involved in the Incident Lifecycle

The RigD Slack App is a Game Changer

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Support – Collaborate better and faster to improve on call



  • Reduce alerting noise, route to the right staff immediately, save time with escalations and other incident lifecycle actions
  • Use the power of Slack to collaborate and work issues, expedite problem solving
  • Run triage flows to guide the staff and automate data collection
  • Accelerate ticket resolution times and get updates in real-time

Devs – Solve issues faster so you can get back to coding



  • Get the information you need to work issues, get ahead of the user experience cycle
  • Get the right context immediately and focus on where you provide value, eliminate the long firefights
  • Solve problems and deploy automation to solve incidents next time

Admin/SRE – Improve to make next time better



  • Respond quick with higher quality issue remediation quicker
  • Reduce reoccurring issues and repetitive escalations
  • Provide your teams with the tooling to help them be more efficient and solve problems faster
  • Interact with your favorite tools to both get data and push status

Incident Commander – Move the team through incidents faster so that service is restored sooner



  • Control the Incident lifecycle, within your collaboration platform
  • Made data based decision with confidence and team buy in
  • Have confidence in delegation and the team process and learning

IT Operations / Management – Get the right people and software assets working to ID and remediate fast


  • Focus your teams on what matters the most
  • Mobilize the right people to respond with agility and collaboration through the lifecycle
  • Reduce response and resolution times to get customers back up quickly
  • Reduce efforts in getting status and identify areas for team improvement

Leadership – Get the status you need, keep your customers improved, improve the organizational response


  • Speed responsiveness, build effective teams and deploy resources efficiently against downtime and performance issues
  • Engage to take the right action to help operations with best practices
  • Increase software velocity without SLA issues or impacting customer experience