Tackle Increasing Complexity in your Incident Response

Consulting Services

Whether your ready to automate the first steps in your incident response process or you’re looking to see what else you can do after that, we’re at your service.

At RigD, we have an unwavering commitment to make sure you get the job at hand done no matter what. Our crew has worked with companies of all sizes and people with varying levels of automation experience to automate their incident response processes.  

What do you get when you use our consulting services?

  • A team that’s in the picture as much or as little as you want us to be. We’re ready and able to model your process and incident response, build flows and integrate custom tooling.   We can also help kick start your own efforts.
  • Best practices stemming from helping companies implement incident operations and automation, whether it be a simple idea or a complex workflow.
  • We assist you remotely.
  • Pay when the work meets your expectations.

Examples of what our consulting services provided SRE and DevOps teams:

  • Incident response workshops, optimizing process and tool system architectures. 
  • Building triage flows.
  • Integrating custom tooling.
  • Creating custom reports for visibility.

Ready to Transform your Incident Response Process?


Ready to Transform your Incident Response Process?

Our experts can help you scope out your project and determine the level of service needed.