RigD SaaS Platform for SlackOps

End Chaotic Incident Response

RigD gives you a way to improve Ops efficiency and customer satisfaction right through Slack. RigD SlackOps with Machine Learning lets teams resolve incidents faster. Use RigD to unlock greater value from your Slack investment. Improve business performance by identifying, gathering and presenting the data and resources teams need to begin resolving an incident–all in Slack.

Collaborative Automation for DevOps at Any Scale

RigD is a SaaS platform that users consume through a Slack bot available through RigD’s Slack App. No machine learning knowledge is needed to set up and connect it to your service management apps and tools. Once up it gets to work. When there’s an incident, RigD prepares a portfolio of information about the incident and delivers that to you and required team members right in Slack. You simply review the data and get to work.

RigD is easy to put to work. Once you install the Slack App, RigD is ready to go with a natural language help system and input suggestions.  The bot uses the latest Slack Block Kit and helps guide you through configuration and use of tools, which are the two-way integrations.  The integrations can then feed important information to your Slack channels and just as importantly you can act through the RigD bot to perform work in those tools.

Accelerate Incident Responses Right in Slack

Once you are set up and have an issue, incident or problem information flowing into Slack, RigD lets teams respond or work these incidents, keeping everyone up to date right in context in Slack.  Instead of switching context to the different tool UI’s for the responding team to see and collaborate around, all of you can do all the work you need to in Slack through RigD.

Set up flows that encapsulate simple steps you don’t want to perform manually, or more complex multi-tool flows.  These allow first line support personnel to triage issues before the team even assembles.  Getting relevant monitoring, log and configuration data into the Slack channel accelerates collaboration and time to resolution.

Value Across the Team

Helps You After the Incident is Identified

RigD helps you with critical reminders and data for the team.   When the incident is resolved RigD produces an Incident Digest which documents both the human and machine activities for that support session, critical for postmortem analysis and enhanced learning.  Over time the machine learning and AI aspects of RigD’s will help you streamline future incident sessions. While RigD provides a set of key DevOps and IT Operations tools, you can add further integration on your own with RigD’s customer activity module.

RigD is your Command Center for DevOps and IT Operations

Enabling SlackOps with Machine Learning, RigD is a platform for DevOps and IT Ops teams to speed up their response to incidents while reducing workloads.


Support – collaborate better and faster to improve on call

  • Reduce alerting noise, route to correct staff immediately, save time on escalations and other incident lifecycle actions
  • Use the power of Slack to collaborate and work issues, expedite problem solving
  • Run triage flows to guide the staff and automate data collection
  • Accelerate ticket resolution times and get updates in real-time


Admin/SRE – improve to make next time better

  • Respond quick with higher quality issue remediation quicker
  • Reduce reoccurring issues and repetitive escalations
  • Provide your teams with the tooling to help them be more efficient and solve problems faster
  • Interact with your favorite tools to both get data and push status


Incident Commander – move the team through incidents faster to restore service sooner

  • Control the Incident lifecycle, within your collaboration platform
  • Made data-based decision with confidence and team buy in
  • Have confidence in delegation and the team process and learning


IT Operations / Management – get the correct people and software assets working to ID and remediate

  • Focus your teams on what matters the most
  • Mobilize the right people to respond with agility and collaboration through the lifecycle
  • Reduce response and resolution times to get customers back up quickly
  • Reduce efforts in getting status and identify areas for team improvement




RigD is a platform for DevOps and IT Ops teams. It helps them speed up their response to incidents while reducing workloads.


RigD helps you handle incidents for PagerDuty, Atlassian Status Page, Datadog, AWS SNS and CloudWatch.


RigD expedites your work for many use cases such as:

PagerDuty – Who is on call, for both PagerDuty users and non-users, Acknowledge, Escalate, run a Response Play

Atlassian StatusPage  – Create Incidents and Update your Pages

Datadog, AWS SNS and AWS CloudWatch – Get relevant information right in Slack


Automation improves response speed. When an outage occurs, RigD gathers data from multiple tools, and the right people, freeing you to solve the problem.


Slack App / Bot with Natural Language, Input Suggestions and In-Bot Help & Support

Two-way integrations to Key Dev & Ops Tools e.g. PagerDuty and Atlassian StatusPage

Powerful Feeds control

Automation and Triage Flow

Respond & Work Incidents, Issues & Problems & Incident Digest

Custom Activities to integrate with your favorite commercial or home grown tools

Save time, reduce workloads

Reduce noise, increase focus

Accelerate time to resolution and restoration of service

Respond quickly and correctly to mission critical incidents

Derive more value from tools



August 19, 2019