2019R1 Upgrade Notice
RigD is getting an Upgrade on Sunday April 7th and there are a few things we wanted to be sure you are aware of in preparation.

A New More Secure PagerDuty Integration

Providing a secure and reliable solution is always our top priority here at RigD. When we heard from several customers that they were uncomfortable with the exisitng API key approach we worked with PagerDuty to leverage their new OAuth2 integration that’s more secure and at the same time faster and easier to set up. Check out the video to see how the new on boarding works.


However, switching to this new integration model will be a slight disruption for those customers already using RigD with PagerDuty. Your access to PagerDuty will be cut off until you set up the new OAuth2 connection. If you run any PagerDuty activity you will get a prompt to set up the new connection or you can always use add rigd toolIt’s also important to note that any PagerDuty feeds you had set up will not work until there is at least one new PagerDuty connection.


If you have any trouble please reach out to the crew here at RigD using the ask rigd activity from Slack. A member of our success team will work with you to get you back in action right away.

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A Better Bot Experience

We’ve also made some improvements to make our bot smarter. When chatting in a direct message channel with RigD our bot will do its best to understand you, if the intention is unclear the bot will work with you to get a better idea. However, in channels with other people RigD will only respond to activity commands when very confidence that’s what you wanted. For things like using for help or general channel chit-chat RigD will keep quiet unless you use @rigd to clarify you are speaking to the bot.


In addition to the improvements in dialog behavior we have also adopted Slack’s new BlockKit UI model. So many of the activities you use will have a slightly different but improved look.


We hope you will find these improvements helpful, please share you feedback right in Slack by using tell rigd.