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Start working and automating the engagement of the right people, accessing your favorite data, automating work tasks, approvals, updates and post-mortems.


“We tried RigD because it was able to do what we couldn’t with PagerDuty alone. We started with just a few users running about 30 incidents a month through RigD and now it’s easily saving us $15k per month. I’d say RigD is quickly becoming an invaluable solution for our operations.”

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What we enable businesses to do today:
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Augment DevOps and IT Operations with machine learning power. Why?

So they can keep pace with dynamic application architectures and minimize service disruption. Without augmentation there’s higher costs, delays, and rates of disruption.

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Eliminate the need for automation expertise. How?

Entire teams can use RigD to become more effective without any need to code or manually define the automation.

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Improve MTTR by > 60% and save >$30K per outage. When?

Users start reducing incident times right away and continuously drive times down as their use of RigD matures.

RigD Services Helps Your Team Accelerate Incident Response

Have no time to up-level and upgrade your incident response process?

What if you could quickly get triage flows and integrations to speed up and streamline your SRE and DevOps work?

What if you had the data to do an accurate post mortem, all in one place?

Move beyond individual tool UIs to empower your teams with a conversational interface to get work done better and smarter.

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