At RigD we believe in being helpful, It's one of our core values. One of the ways we try to help, is by providing sensible pricing that aligns with actual use. We want to encourage you to augment your team activities with the RigD so you can save real time and money.
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  • Basic
    • $ 6 user per month
    • Team looking to use our machine learning platform to speed up working with one of our ready-to-use integrations

      • Up to 5 Users
      • Unlimited flows
      • 1 Tool Integration
      • No Custom Actions

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  • Startup Plan
    • $ 12 user per month
    • Teams looking to use our platform across all integrations to speed up incident triage and reduce workloads

      • No limit on number of users
      • Unlimited flows
      • Unlimited Tool Integrations
      • No Custom Actions

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  • Pro Plan
    • $ 30 user per month
    • Enabling organizations to integrate our platform to their favorite tools and gain machine learning acceleration of DevOps processes and incident triage

      • No limit on number of users
      • Unlimited flows
      • Unlimited tool integrations
      • Custom actions
      • 2 hour activity and flow creation workshop

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  • Enterprise Plan
    • $ Call user per month
    • Enabling businesses to transform their DevOps practice at scale

      • All Pro Features
      • 5 hour activity and flow creation workshop
      • A dedicated cloud deployment
      • Access to audit and activity logs
      • Ability to export config and usage data
      • Dedicated customer success team member

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While we have had many users jump right in and start “sailing” with RigD, we do recommend that you take us up on a free short meeting to quickly demonstrate the major concepts and help you set things up so you’re getting value right away.

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Pricing Information

What is the definition of a user?

We license based upon active users in that month who use RigD. An active user is anyone who successfully performs an activity (excluding help) in a given month. So no charges for accidentally talking with the RigD bot or checking to see what RigD can do.

What is a Tool Integration?

RigD connects to tools, such as PagerDuty, DataDog, StatusPage or AWS.

What is the definition of a flow?

A flow is a set of 1 or more activities, statements, or questions. It can run interactively, prompting users for input, or fully automated using preconfigured input values.  It can be run by name or a shorthand alias (e.g. !awsinfo).

What is a Custom Activity?

A custom activity is something that you create in our platform that takes action against a target you define. This can be a REST endpoint or an AWS Lambda running in your AWS environment.

Does RigD only work with Slack?

Today that is the case, but we expect to expand out into other channels such as text, Microsoft Teams and even your most popular social media platform.

What Stored Data can I export in the Enterprise Plan?

The follow data types are exportable (to a JSON file) in the Enterprise Plan:  user activity, flow definitions & custom activity definitions.