Natural Language Processing Engineer (PDF version here)

About this Job

Do you know any chatbots?  Would you like to?  Our service bot needs to understand plain English, analyze DevOps processes, and suggest improvements to its human co-workers.  Help us train it to do all that:  natural language understanding with Rasa, sequence analysis and decisioning with TensorFlow, and continuous end-to-end testing and evaluation with Botium.  There are many bots that can engage in small talk or take your pizza order, but imagine being part of the team that developed one of the few conversational AIs that can make sense of, say, “create API gateway deployment of API CloudHook with stage name Production”!

You would need some fluency in Python, familiarity with the fundamentals of machine learning, and some exposure to using machine learning algorithms for natural language processing (NLP).  Experience using Slack, Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS would also help.

If you have those skills and believe in freeing human engineers from menial tasks via AI assistance, come join us at RigD for a taste of the future of DevOps in a true startup environment!

This is a contract position with considerable equity and the opportunity to become permanent in the near term. You’ll also make some great connections and this experience will serve you well in your career.

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