Subscription Management

Step by Step Guide to Manage Your RigD Subscription




1. Sign into your account with the Account link found in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.


Note: Only the person who installed RigD will be able to access the account page. If you want to add someone else please reach out to us via Slack using ”ask rigd”




2. Once there, click on the Sign in with Slack button



3. RigD will want to confirm your identity to continue. Click on Continue.




This will bring you to the Subscription Overview page. Here you can change your plan, add a credit card for payment, and see your usage details.



4. Click the Change Plan to switch from a trial to a paid subscription




5. Identify the subscription plan you would like and click the Select Plan button. Visit the Pricing Pagefor more details on each plan.

6. Once you choose a plan you need to add a card. Use this button to add your credit card information.





With a subscription active you can view usage and invoices as well as change plans and update card info.




Note – RigD will charge based on active users, so it may be expected to see some fluctuation in billing as opposed to see a consistent number of full team users every period. 


Please let us know if you have any questions or comments –