The work doesn’t end when a problem is figured out. There’s still the Postmortem to handle, and with the immediate pressure off and the incident recorded as closed, the postmortem can sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

With RigD, you can predefine ownership and timer settings with a Work Plan to start the postmortem effort without having to personally remind anyone. This is handy to use if you have set service level objectives for certain priority level issues that are already in place due to contractual obligations. The last two items in Creating a Work Plan deal with Postmortems:


Do you want to automatically assign a Postmortem to the Commander?

Do you have a Postmortem completion time target for these Incident sessions?



Also, the incident commander can assign a postmortem with a click of a button after an incident is resolved in Slack with RigD. Simply use the Assign Postmortem button to start the process.

RigD can send reminders to complete postmortems before their due date, and track success on meeting service level objectives that are defined by your organization.