Create StatusPage Incident


Creates an incident for a given status page. You can provide a name, status, message, and affected component.

Activity Inputs

  1. SPPageName

    Prompt: Please provide the page name.

  1. SPIncidentName

    Prompt: Please provide the name of the incident

  1. SPIncidentStatus

    Prompt: Please choose a status.

    Possible Values:

    • Investigating
    • Identified
    • Monitoring
    • Resolved
  1. SPIncidentMessage

    Prompt: Please provide an optional message for the status change.

  1. SPIncidentNotification

    Prompt: Please indicate if we should send a notification for the creation of this incident.

  1. SPComponentName

    Prompt: Please provide the component name.

Basic Command 

create statuspage [page name] incident [incident name]