Who has the postmortem?

Looking back, one of the most satisfying parts of working technical support was solving complex problems for customers. Usually the difficult problems were team efforts with people joining me in my cube and offering ideas of things to try. Despite being high pressure situations, that feeling when everyone can take their foot off the gas pedal and relax and maybe even celebrate with a beverage after work was the high point. Sometimes, just breathing that sigh of relief knowing the person helped on the other end was finally out of the woods made the work worthwhile.

But the workplace is changing. People aren’t in my cube anymore; they’re in my Slack channel.

The work doesn’t just end when the problem is solved. After the party there’s always the cleanup and in the technical support world that’s the Postmortem. When dealing with escalations, ownership of that last important piece can sometimes fall to the wayside or become a tennis match between different teams. With the pressure off and the incident recorded as closed, the postmortem can even get lost in the shuffle. 

With RigD, the incident commander can assign a postmortem with a click of a button. Not only that, RigD can send reminders to complete postmortems before their due date, and track success on meeting service level objectives that are defined by your organization. RigD also adds the postmortem into a generated incident report, so everything is collected in one place within a pdf generated in Slack. Plus, RigD can handle the daily update reminders.

RigD sees the job through.

Assign a Postmortem quickly from Slack with built in reminders!
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