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Task management isn’t the most exciting element of incident management but it is an essential part of any effective process. It encourages time management and organization for complex incidents.

At RigD we think the best approach to task management is one that is as seamless as possible, adding value with adding process overhead. That’s why we do it in Slack

When handling an incident from cradle to grave, at a high level it boils down to understanding, resolving, and preventing that issue from happening again. The incident gets closed and an overall time to resolution is clocked.

As you drill down, ownership of certain tasks involved with an incident can be divided out, and the larger the problem, the more hands on deck are called to deal with it. The effort can get muddled with more people involved, and more questions and confusion can arise. Who all was involved in the resolution? How many cycles did we needlessly burn?

RigD can track all of the tasks involved with an incident within Slack, by adding important metrics into your incident response process. With RigD, you can find out what exactly the bottlenecks are in your resolution process and use Slack as an additional tool for managing success.

Talk to us at http://rigd.io to see how we can help streamline your incidents today!

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