The five dreaded words: “Where are we on this?”

It never fails. I’ll be knee deep in a critical issue and I’ll get that text or phone call interruption from my boss….

“Hey Jon, I’m on the road and customer has got me on the line. What’s the story with incident 2345?”  

Racking my brains trying to figure out which one of the countless incidents I have is 2345, I quickly respond with: “What’s it related to?”

“The one for customer X. It’s about slow response times.”  He replies.

“Alright, let me send you the latest update that I have posted in PagerDuty.” I get it, the customer wants answers and not everyone has time to navigate company VPNs and CRMs in time to answer hard questions. But great, there goes another 5-10 minutes of lost time getting a note together that is already documented.

There is a Better Way

The primary goal in the support world is resolution. Time to resolution is a key performance metric. Finding solutions take time and effort, and time and focus is lost when having to give out regular status updates to management, sales reps, and customers.  Your incident technician knows issues are critical. It is marked at the highest priority level when they are assigned to it. They have already abandoned everything to meet the severe service level agreement. They know it is a big deal. Avoid lost time answering: “Where are we on this?” eighty times a day by using RigD.

RigD can be your personal virtual assistant, fetching information from PagerDuty and delivering it straight into your Slack channel, including the mobile Slack app. Stuck on the road and need a quick status report? Use RigD. When working an incident in slack using RigD, managers, sales reps, high level execs can see the resolution progress in real time. After an incident is resolved, a digest can be pulled up to see all activity associated with an incident. All without bothering your talent pool that is actively engaged in resolving the issue. Imagine all the time saved from your employees not having to repeatedly give hourly updates because the information is readily available. Get the edge on shaving down time to resolution and increase productivity with RigD in your Slack ecosystem.


Incident Digests in Slack

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