The End of Quarter Crunch

You know how you work best. You’ve got a nice orderly system, working through incidents queued up by severity keeping the risk of outages and significant customer impact as low as possible. You are on top of your game. But in the process of the day to day, you lose track of the fiscal calendar — well at least I always did. And wouldn’t you know it, like clockwork, my phone rings with an unfamiliar internal number. It’s my long lost “buddy” from the sales team, and of course my heart sinks because I know I have just gotten another escalation politically pushed to the top of my pile.


In the support world, I can’t tell you how many magical escalations appear that are just tied to getting deals done before the quarter close. Sometimes renewal revenue gets tied up on minor lingering issues and all of a sudden instead of just my manager, there’s a new tandem team of pressure with the sales manager and account rep telling me the customer needs a fix…or else! What it really amounts to is another pressure point applied to your DevOps resources, and one that wreaks havoc on your operational efficiency. Is there anything worse than having to field detracting status calls and give updates to random people? At the core they only want exactly what everyone else wants, to make the customers happy. However, as an overtaxed technician it just seems like you are pressured to help them hit their bonus number. As much as we would like the answer to this challenge be to tell the sales guy to “get in the queue” that is just not the reality. Adapting to unexpected incidents and resolving them effectively and efficiently is a requirement for us all.


RigD can lighten the load from those unexpected “deal busters”. You don’t need the distraction of having to give lots of irregular updates. RigD can provide updates both to your PagerDuty incident record and also give direct slack messages to anyone involved with the incident, all with a simple action right in Slack! Get information delivered straight to mobile devices on incidents and keep everyone on the same page without adding the additional pressure. Let your performers perform, and stay focused on getting the incident resolved quickly!

Check out this video demoing how quickly you can bring someone up to speed using RigD and PagerDuty in Slack.

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