RigD Is Ready to Help! Our 3rd Beta is Live.

Before we get in to all the great things that are available in Beta 3 we want to thank everyone who took time and provided us their thoughts and asked great questions during our Beta 2 and prior to that. It’s that amazing feedback that’s helped fuel our excitement and allow us continue to make a RigD a service you will love. So thanks and keep it coming!


Beta 3 is an exciting addition to RigD. We listed to the challenges our customers were having around Collaboration and Automation and focused on adding capabilities to help. The major addition is related to the “Ops” part of your DevOPs workflow. We want to help teams bring actionable data into Slack, not just turn it into another spam channel. So now with RigD you can feed alerts and incidents into RigD, then filter a route them to the right person or team. Of course knowing of an issue is just the start, RigD also helps teams collaboratively troubleshoot and resolve the issue, then use our machine learning to speed up any future repeat incidents. Teams using RigD will ultimately find they spend far less time on problem identification and have a faster mean time to recovery; consistently meeting or exceeding their SLAs.


Beta 3 also includes some other new capabilities, usability improvements, and security enhancements. Of course we will continue to add to it each and every day as well. Here is a few of the highlights on what’s new:

  • Add Tools (aka Integrations) directly from Slack.
    • Yep now you can add and manage a tool directly in Slack.
  • Tool Access Control.
    • Now you can add a tool and share it with other users, within a channel, or across the entire workspace.
  • Pipeline Triggers and editing.
    • This was a mid Beta 2 add, but what a powerful capability!
  • Best practice support for AWS Account access.
    • Our Friends at AWS helped ensure we were following all their guidelines for secure third party access to AWS accounts.
  • PagerDuty support.
    • RigD has a brand new tool to help you get the job done. Here is a little video to show what you can do.
  • More and more AWS every week.
    • Look for more AWS services in the coming weeks, including some fantastic Cloudwatch activities.


We hope this excites you as much as it does us. But if your interested don’t drag your feet! This beta won’t last long, our GA announcement is coming very soon. To continue to show our appreciation to those early supporters we are offering 1 year of free use of RigD for any team that signs up for RigD and deploys the beta Slack App. Sign up today!


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