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RigD Inc. (http://www.rigd.io), a provider of machine learning augmented automation software for DevOps and IT Ops, announces the general availability of its RigD platform with Slack app. With this release, RigD gives organizations a natural language driven, context-aware virtual assistant for many developer and IT operations use cases. Teams can use RigD directly through Slack to automate processes, collaborate and resolve issues quickly. RigD is a breakthrough for the industry as it requires no automation expertise to use, and it puts automation capabilities directly in the hands of IT operations and developer.


RigD enables teams to automate important activities and pipelines with little or no effort and often execute that automation faster than other types of solutions. RigD users can drive shorter MTTR and remediation cycles for operations and faster deployment times. In fact, RigD is proven to reduce the time to deployment significantly in many cases, all without requiring users to have automation expertise. That level of reduction can improve business outcomes across industries. RigD users can attest to that.


“Blue Medora operates Bindplane, a SaaS-based Monitoring Integration as a -Service (MIaaS) service that provides API-based metric collection for technology endpoints. As you can imagine our operational teams take great care of our customers and pay close attention to our operational posture. We are a heavy user of both Slack and PagerDuty and we found that our teams were not as efficient as they could be when they were switching contexts between these two platforms. RigD solved that problem for us, and we are now integrating PagerDuty and Slack using RigD. The RigD integration is saving us time and money by being able to more easily and collaboratively troubleshooting incidents immediately!” said Nathan Owen, CEO of Blue Medora.


Justin Griffin, the CEO of RigD, discusses the implications of his company’s innovation. “Keeping up with customer demands for new capabilities and reliability requires efficient software development and operations. Think of global technology leaders that deploy 100s or 1000s of times in a day, and have a firehose of operational data to make sense of. That is an astounding amount of work. Getting some help from the machine learning augmented automation offered by RigD would be a major benefit, and also level the playing field for smaller organizations. We invite you to try it,” said Griffin.


RigD comes at a time when developers and IT operations teams are grappling with automation as they seek ways to save time and reduce frustration. Sometimes teams create their own apps to help them in their jobs. Some organizations purchase services and tools to help them automate business impacting processes. Those approaches don’t work on day one, span teams, scale easily, foster standards, support governance and compliance, and take team collaboration to new heights. Plus, they require automation expertise.


RigD solves those issues. Individuals, teams, and entire enterprises can use RigD. It makes automation accessible to the masses of DevOps and IT operations professionals through machine learning driven assistance. It is easy to start using RigD on day one because you require no extra expertise – the expertise is in the platform. The RigD platform is composed of the RigD SaaS service and used today with the RigD Slack app.


The RigD Slack app serves all of its functionality up through Slack and the powerful RigD platform underlying it offers all the cost, performance, and scalability benefits of a service based model. Tech teams already use Slack extensively. Now, by simply adding the RigD Slack app users can leverage the automation that drives vital development and IT operations from within the Slack interface itself.


A powerful example of the value RigD delivers is its integration with PagerDuty. RigD users can have complete control over PagerDuty incidents right through Slack so they can quickly route, remediate and resolve them. RigD makes it easy to assemble the team and collaboratively troubleshoot incidents. RigD then learns patterns in the troubleshooting process to help you resolve future incidents more quickly. Users cite that they save time and decrease costs by eliminating context-switching, improving teamwork and automating processes.


“PagerDuty is supportive of our partner ecosystem that helps our community resolve and prevent business impacting events quickly while realizing the true business value from the PagerDuty platform,” said, Steve Gross, sr. director of strategic ecosystem development at PagerDuty. “The RigD integration with PagerDuty serves that mission by bringing automation and enhanced collaboration to our users. We invite our community to explore the RigD application in more detail and to connect with the RigD team at PagerDuty Summit 2018 in San Francisco.”


“As digital transformation accelerates across industries, management and customers alike expect fast troubleshooting and remediation of issues. This is an ideal time for RigD machine learning augmented operations through Slack. IT operations and developers use Slack already, and RigD introduces new benefits that compound its value.” said Griffin.


Release Highlights

  • Core RigD Service – A serverless platform service that provides natural language and machine learning capabilities as well as integrates with UI channels and tool targets for data and activities.
  • RigD Slack App – User access through Slack app.
  • PagerDuty Integration Through Slack – RigD supports PagerDuty operations through advanced filtering and routing providing a digest summary of a support session.
  • AWS Serverless Automation – Deploy apps through Slack integration to the following AWS Services: CodeCommit, CodeBuild, IAM, S3, EKS, DynamoDB, Lambda, SSM, SAM, ApiGateway and Region.


Promotional Pricing – The Basic Edition is $5 a month per user. The Team Edition is $10 a month per user. For the Enterprise Edition contact us for special promotional pricing.


General Availability – Sept. 11, 2018.


Where to Get RigD
Get RigD Trial, Basic and Team editions here: https://cloud.rigd.io/signup
Learn about RigD for PagerDuty here: https://www.rigd.io/pagerduty
Learn about RigD for Amazon AWS here: https://www.rigd.io/aws

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About RigD
RigD Inc. advances automation in profound new ways for the IT Operations and DevOps markets through machine learning based collaborative automation services. RigD Inc. innovation lies in its RigD platform SaaS service which contains the expertise and machine learning engine that assists, learns, and drives automation and collaboration.


RigD is the first company to put automation directly in the hands of developers and IT Operations teams via a Slack app. This is an industry breakthrough as users require no special expertise to automate critical processes, drive shorter MTTR and remediation cycles for operations and faster deployment times. That is because the RigD Slack app lets you use the natural language driven, virtual assistant to automate directly through Slack. No additional interface is required, no context switching either.


Many Organizations are fighting to cut through the noise in their operational data and deliver on their service level commitments, and RigD can help. RigD can be used in small teams to large enterprises and is RigD is available for use immediately at http://www.rigd.io. Download the RigD Slack app and get started.

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