RigD Gets The Logs

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“Did you get the logs?” is probably the question I have been asked the most in my career, at least with every serious incident I have tackled. Whether it be from talking with the Engineering team after escalating an issue, or the Escalation Manager in preparing a submittal, bouncing ideas off of colleagues, inquiries from concerned customers, or even management and sales reps asking if I’ve followed the playbook, they all ask the same thing: Did I get the logs?

And the answer was mostly “Yes.” But they were never pulled up right to the spot when having a discussion over a particular issue.

But now, work has evolved. Unlike the old days, where logs were stored and either uploaded onto an FTP or shared on my local drive or even emailed out to be shared, now I can share the logs instantly over Slack. Many eyes on the same source at the same time in a channel discussion. No more lost time granting access or uploading files.

Even better than that, RigD can get the logs. Eliminating all that noise mentioned above leads to more productivity and faster resolution. Check out the RigD Slack App and see how it can remove some of your workplace pain points.

RigD gets the logs.

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