RigD Bot Figures Out What You Ask It Even If You Type Something Close

We all have had a lot of fun with Siri at Apple’s expense when asking nonsensical questions.   When you are doing operational support of critical customer facing apps, we don’t have time for our automation to not understand what you are asking.  A great example of this is when you ask RigD to do something but reverse the order of the command or perhaps you don’t recall the exact wording you used. You need to get work done and not consult your corporate lexicon to figure out how you spelled a certain service .  Now RigD Bot will figure out your intention, and leverage our suggestions when you don’t quite have it right.


Here is a quick example:


This capability was a natural progression of our Machine Learning roadmap as we saw some users, in the throws of a support session start to type things that were just a bit off.


Curious to see how this works?  Install and try out RigD.  You can do this with a single click and validation here.

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