RigD adds Atlassian Opsgenie Support for Incident Response in Slack

Manage DevOps and IT Operations incident response from Opsgenie with RigD’s work intelligence platform

Work your Opsgenie alerts in Slack.  RigD has a natural language “chatops” interface for working alerts and incidents.  Once you set up an alert feed, you can start work with RigD to create a dedicated channel or thread to allow the team to collaborate in a message first way around the alert.  Perform Opsgenie activities, resolve the incident and then get an alert report and run a postmortmem.  Right from Slack, where your team lives.

If you teams live in Slack, who wants to bounce between all the different UI’s of the products, or even jump from slash command to slack command trying to piece together the incident response flow. RigD provides a best in class experience in Slack.

  • Start working a Opsgenie alert, right from your Opsgenie feed.
  • Create the Slack channel or thread to manage all the work and incident response.
  • Anchor message with all the details you need about the alert or incident.
  • Help manage all the activity that is occurring in Slack: update, assign tasks, seek approvals and get details.
  • Create and run workflows that can drive triage, work processes and integrations with other tools such as Datadog, JIRA or Atlassian Statuspage,
  • Get an issue report that details SLA information, a transcript of all messages, both human and machine with NLP analysis, and a handy graph detailing all the interactions during the alert session.

Learn more and visit our Atlassian Opsgenie integration page here.

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