Playbooks (also known as runbooks or best practices) are important for maintaining excellence in your organization. They provide a steady professional course of action and can deliver a nice polished customer care experience when executed well day in and day out. But what happens when a crisis or top priority incident is reported? Stress hits and every second counts. Failure to stick to the plan, or by not following the provided guidelines, can have a severe impact on the engagement. When panic sets in, where was that checklist kept? Was it pinned up on a cube wall, or on a monitor sticky? Filed away in an employee handbook? Buried in a tab? The clock is ticking, the customer is upset, and the ball is being dropped. RigD can help.

By building RigD Work Flows, you can prepare an engaging playbook that appears right in Slack. RigD prompts your defined steps immediately, keeping your team focused on the task at hand and saving precious initial minutes of possible lost time.

Better yet, RigD can provide additional tracking and even suggest modifications making your robotic automated processes intelligent and adaptive. Having RigD run your playbook, keeps your team focused, streamlines activity, and and optimizes escalations to avoid any unnecessary downtime.

RigD follows the playbook.

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