PagerDuty Summit 18 Retrospective

Swabby our pirate bot really hit his stride at PagerDuty Summit 18.  RigD was one of the sponsors of the show along with many big names.



Most striking to the RigD crew was the importance of operational and developer use of PagerDuty in a broad swath of companies and industries.  We also noticed a wide range of roles people have who are using the PagerDuty capabilities and are looking for ChatBots like RigD to help solve the onslaught of data:


  • Software Dev/Engineering (Architect, Software Engineering, Product Engineering, Release Management)
  • DevOps (Engineer,  Site Reliability Tooling, SRE)
  • Operations (Cloud Operations, Operations, Operations Development, NOC, Technical Operations)
  • Support (Incident Manager, Incident Commander, Process Owner, Support Engineer).


We saw presentations on operations where chatbots were at the next stage of the deployment and a fantastic talk with a PagerDuty customer who built a very functional chatbot in Slack.   Also hearing John Allspaw’s great talk on”Incidents as we Imagine Them Versus How They Actually Are”  which highlighted the importance of human information which is critical to machine learning.  These talks and others was fantastic validation of the RigD Collaborative Automation concept.


Talking to folks at the conference we got an enthusiastic response and naturally a list of new activities and platform features to work on.


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