Manage Atlassian Statuspage Right from Slack with RigD

Atlassian’s StatusPage plays a key role in keeping your internal and external customers up to date in realtime.  Managing Statuspage, right from Slack where your team already collaborates and works can save you time and help you get back to fixing problems.  Watch the demo on our Statuspage integration:



We have the following activities supported in our Bot:


  • Add StatusPage Subscriber – Adds the specified email address as a subscriber to the the page
  • Create StatusPageIncident – Creates an incident for a given status page. You can provide a name, status, message, and affected component.
  • Get StatusPage Component – Gets the details for a specific component of a page.
  • Get StatusPage Incident – Gets the details for a particular status page incident.
  • Get StatusPage Page Details – Gets the details of a page.
  • List StatusPage Components – Lists the components for the specified page.
  • List StatusPage Incidents – Lists the all or open incidents for a given status page, with an optional filter.
  • List StatusPage Maintenance Incidents – Provides a list of all active and scheduled maintenance incidents for a given status page.
  • List StatusPage Metrics – Lists the metrics for the specified status page.
  • List StatusPage Pages – Provides a list of your StatusPages pages. Can optionally be filtered down.
  • List StatusPage Subscribers – Lists the subscribers for a specific page.
  • Remove StatusPage Subscriber – Removes a subscriber from a specific page.
  • Update StatusPage Component Status – Updates the specified component to a new status.
  • Update StatusPage Incident – Updates the status for a specific status page incident. You can optionally add a message
  • StatusPage Help


Here are a few screen shots:


Learn more here.

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