Just Tell RigD: Real-Time In-Channel Support for our Bot

Maybe you’ve been there: on the phone arguing with an automated speech recognition engine just trying to find the fastest way to zero out to a live agent. Or finding the right keyword to get routed to a live chat agent bypassing the chatbot. It’s frustrating when you know what exact problem or question you have, and it’s not in their predefined list. Or worse, you waste your time jumping through hoops when you just have an easy question. In the DevOps world, it can mean leaving your workspace and switching to the support portal of your vendor, opening a ticket for your problem, maybe grabbing a screen shot, and then waiting for assignment or a callback. None of these scenarios fit with the real time demands that teams face today. Our goal at RigD is to save you time, so you can get more done in less time. Users won’t be happy if they lose all that time savings waiting on a response for a ticket.


RigD is trying to minimize the pain of getting help by changing the support world. With the RigD Bot, you are right in line with support by typing just the two words “Tell RigD” in your Slack workspace. You can use that command to send a note directly to the RigD team without context switching. No extra website, no trouble ticket, no emails follow ups or playing phone tag, just a chat message delivered directly to RigD. Nearly as seamless as chatting with a coworker. With a quick exchange, we will have you back on track. Sometimes waiting for you to ask isn’t enough to avoid wasted time. DevOps is filled with “do-it-yourselfers” who might not want to admit defeat or ask for help even after 23 failed attempts. We understand this, but we also know your time is valuable. In an attempt to be proactive, RigD monitors failures and alerts us after multiple failed attempts. Often just a quick suggestion in Slack from the RigD team will remove the roadblock without the stress of a support engagement.


The following images shows the Tell RigD functionality, and a view from our customer_messages channel.


Figure 1:  User “Tell RigD”

Figure 3:  User views response

… A simple Message got this customer past his issue and on his way.


….And sometimes when you’re stuck on call on a Sunday afternoon you just need someone to talk to.







We know your time is valuable, and that is what we are trying to save you.

Install the RigD Slack App and Experiment with RigD here.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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