Forbes Article: Why did the App Catch Fire

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Forbes published this article around the time that Slack went public. It is a really good synopsis of the value proposition of Slack and his chock full of great quotes from tech leaders and visionaries, include this one from our CEO, Justin Griffin:

Justin Griffin, the CEO and co-founder of RigD:
“Chat and collaboration tools have been around forever, but nothing has ever taken off like Slack. It’s hard to point to any one reason for the success. The biggest one in my mind is their relentless commitment to connecting with their customers. From marketing material to product messaging to support and documentation they provide a consistent and comfortable voice, which resonates with their users. This really makes it easy for Slack to get customers to engage with them and gain insights about how to improve and extend their offering. I think the other key decision they made that will unlock amazing potential is their emphasis on integration. Having a great collaboration tool is great, but all the apps they’ve enabled has turned Slack into almost a new operating system for business.”

Check out our integrations with PagerDuty, Atlassian Statuspage, Datadog and AWS CloudWatch.

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