Do you know your Bottlenecks?

Where are the bottlenecks in your incident management process? It might not be hard to point to one pain point in your process, but do you really know how that pain impacts the incident progress and resolution time? Most metrics you capture in your incident management system are good as success metrics, but they don’t give insights into your process bottlenecks.

RigD analyzes every interaction within an incident and then across multiple incidents. This allows us to build an interesting visual representation of the progression of every incident response. So many powerful process insights can be gained with ease with this analysis. Things like: “who was really involved with this incident,” “did we bring the right people into the incident at the right time,” “where are the gaps or possible lost time that we can trim,” “how accurate are our internal metrics for tracking incident progress,” are just some of the insights RigD can provide to your organization.

RigD shows you the way. Schedule a free workshop now to get immediate help with your bottlenecks.

visual of incident activity over time.

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