DevOps Integrations – SRE Managers: Automated Response to Service Issues

RigD Platform for Automated Response Part 4 – DevOps Integrations

DevOps Integrations are critical to any chat based solution in Slack. The final key aspect of the RigD Platform is the integration service, where users would add a tool integration to use for incident operations and response.
Tools are what RigD calls connection to other things. That could be another web service, cloud platform, or installed sotfware. Setting up tools in RigD can be done usin add rigd tool then choosing the desired tool. For some tools you can control who can access to the tool from with Slack, while others are only ever for the individual.

DevOps Integrations Tool Menu

DevOps Integrations Are Critical for Work

DevOps engineers have to use many tools throughout their day. Many of them are specific developer tools, but others relate the application or service configuration, performance or tracking tools such as JIRA. Being able to use RigD as a “virtual assistant” to help perform commands, get data, or driver certain activity flows. For example if you are in the cloud native area, just look at the number of options you can have at the CNCF. As an SRE Manager, you may have assigned a “tools team” or an individual to drive the key integrations for the larger team.

Building a Framework is Costly

Let’s face it, architecting an integration service, which would include authentication, authorization, and managing the various states of the service are in itself another project for the Dev team to take on. This is where the vendor landscape can help your team, in that the RigD integration service has been architected and designed so that adding new services are straightforward. Add on top of that the Machine Learning aspects of input prediction options and the ability to chain activities, gives the platform an advantage over a doing it yourself model.

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