DevOps Admins Build their own ChatBot, or Not? – Take a Survey, Chance for $50

Whether you are a developer, DevOps Admin, in IT Operations or a Site Reliability Engineer, the trends is toward the increasing use of ChatBots in our day to day activites.  When we look at the application development and operations world, the ChatBots that are relevant are the ones that are powered by machine learning, relying on AI to augment our activities.  Augmented automation presents itself in the following use cases:


  • assist us in performing complex tasks (such as executing a complex API call through a simple natural language command)
  • help us launch or trigger a workflow or pipeline of activities that can represent a deployment or a sequence of activities to remediate an issue
  • provide the right operational alerts in context to the right personnel
  • intelligently help us manage an alert


Augmenting and automating our work in the DevOps world is a big deal.   Even outside of this area, there is a huge need.  Slack just bought a company, Robots & Pencils’. Their Mission is to help with making Slack an environment for Slack App builders a better experience through increasing behaviors available within Slack.  ChatBot developers will be able to increasingly get work done more effectively and efficiently within Slack.  This all points to increasing functionality for ChatBots and for RigD’s mission to drive collaborative automation for DevOps and IT Ops.


Will it be easier for you to build your own integrations and ChatBots, or to rely on commercial offerings?


With this in mind we are launching a ChatBot survey on collaborative automation.   The survey takes less than 4 minutes and if you choose, you can sign up for a chance to win a $50 Starbucks Card.


Take the RigD Survey of collaborative automation here.  We will publish results in a month or two.

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