Captain’s Log – June 25

The Captian’s Log is our blog series which gives you an update on what’s been happening with RigD and what’s coming next.


Recent Discoveries

RigD has discovered some exciting new activities recently. Here are a few of the details.

AWS Simple Systems Manager (SSM)

We added some activities focused on allowing you to manage SSM parameters. This is a big help when you have environment variables you want to reuse in many places or store securely.

  • create ssm parameter – allows you to create an SSM parameter or update an existing one
  • delete ssm parameter – allows you to delete a parameter
  • list ssm parameters – allows you to list the parameters you have
  • get ssm parameter – allows you to get the details for a parameter. You can choose to decrypt the value if it’s a secure string.

Galley Talk

Last week we posted a new video using RigD with SAM. If your using AWS SAM you need to see how easy it is to automatically deploy updates with RigD.

Lookout Ahead!

Coming up we this week we will give you some details on some other useful topics.

RigD and AWS CodePipeline – Head to Head

We’ve also got a blog coming that will show you how setting up and running a RigD pipeline compares to AWS CodePipeline.

Invoking AWS Lambda’s in Slack

This upcoming video will show you how easily you can turn Slack into a convenient place to run all kinds of tasks using RigD and AWS Lambda.

EKS Support

Keep an eye out for new AWS Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes(EKS) activities.

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