Captain’s Log – June 11

The Captian’s Log is our blog series which gives you an update on what’s been happening with RigD and what’s coming next.


Recent Discoveries

RigD has discovered some new activities recently. Here are a few of the details.


We added a few more IAM activities to make it easy for you to conveniently define roles and policies to use within your infra.

  • create/delete iam roles – allows you to create and remove an iam role
  • create iam managed policy – allows you to create an iam managed policy
  • attach/detach iam role policies – allows you to attach or detail an iam managed policy to an iam role
  • list iam roles and attached policies – see what you’ve got


Last week we added the first RigD Pipeline Triggers. This allows you to run a pipeline based on a CodeCommit repository

  • create/delete pipeline trigger – choose the CodeCommit repo and branch to trigger from
  • start/stop pipeline trigger – turn a trigger on or off
  • update pipeline – now you can add and remove steps to an existing pipeline

Galley Talk

In case you missed it last week we posted a two part blog RigD Developer Journey into Serverless Architecture – Part 1 and Part 2.  We also posted a video On-Boarding with RigD to help you get onboard quickly and easily.

Lookout Ahead

Coming up we have a few interesting things.

RigD pipelines – How It Works

Keep an eye out for this blog and video on how RigD pipelines can make it easy and fast for you deploy.

AWS CodeCommit – Intro Video

We’ve also got a video coming on how to use RigD to create a CodeCommit repo and get https credentials so you can conveniently get your work into a repo.

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