Captain’s Log – July 9

The Captian’s Log is our blog series which gives you an update on what’s been happening with RigD and what’s coming next.


Recent Discoveries

RigD has discovered some exciting new activities recently. Here are a few of the details.


AWS Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS)

Users spoke and we listened. Several mentioned they were starting to explore EKS and Kubernetes in general so we thought we would help with a few activities to simplify creating and managing your EKS Clusters

  • create eks cluster – allows you to create an EKS cluster with a Kubernetes version, VPC subnets and security groups.
  • delete eks cluster – allows you to delete a cluster
  • list eks clusters – allows you to list all the EKS clusters in an account
  • get eks cluster – allows you to get the details for a cluster

Galley Talk

If you didn’t see our RigD and AWS CodePipeline – Head to Head you really should spend a few minutes reading.  it will take you less time than it will take for your CodePipeline run to finish!

Lookout Ahead!

Coming up we this week we’ve got some details on some other useful topics.

DevOps, ChatOps, Conversation Platforms, Apps and Bots Oh Boy

This is an awesome blog from our marketing admiral Wayne Greene.

RigD is going to TechCrunch Disrupt

We are officially heading to TechCrunch DisruptSF in September. We hope to meet lots awesome startups and people like you there!

Special Announcement on our Next Tool

We’ll be making an exciting announcement regarding our next tool integration soon. So be on the lookout for the pirate bot in your twitter feed.

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