Captain’s Log – Aug 20

The Captian’s Log is our blog series which gives you an update on what’s been happening with RigD and what’s coming next.


Recent Discoveries

RigD has discovered some exciting new activities recently. Here are a few of the details.

I’m Sorry do I talk too much?

Sometimes it’s just plain rude to interrupt a conversation. So we added a couple activities to help ensure you have a satisfying experience whether talking to RigD or not.

  • mute rigd  – allows you to mute RigD so it will not respond to any messages in a channel nor send any notifications to that channel
  • unmute rigd – allows you to resume normal RigD interaction within a channel.
  • tell rigd – allows you to send a note directly to the RigD crew. Great for sharing feedback or requesting help.

We received an Alert Captain!

When you want more than just the summary of a PagerDuty incident use this activity to get the full details.

  • get pagerduty alert  – allows you to retrieve the details of a specific alert from a PagerDuty incident.


Galley Talk

Beta 3 is full speed ahead with all sorts of great feedback so far on the new capabilities. If you didn’t catch the announcement have a look here Beta 3 Announcement. Anyone who deploys the beta will get a free year of subscription when RigD goes GA in just a few short weeks.


Lookout Ahead!

Coming up we this week we’ve got some details on some other useful topics.

RigD is going to TechCrunch Disrupt

TechCrunch DisruptSF is right around the corner. We hope to meet lots awesome startups and people like you there!

Proud to be a Sponsor of PagerDuty Summit 2018

Our PagerDuty integration has been a huge hit and we are excited to have a change to show our support for our friends at PagerDuty by sponsoring their upcoming event. See you there! PagerDuty Summit 2018

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