Announcing RigD Beta 2 and Our New Website is Live

The RigD team is excited to announce Beta 2, a stealthier version of our Beta. RigD simplifies your work by streamlining your tasks in Slack where you can use RigD to perform activities. An activity is a command run against a specific tool that RigD is integrated with. Check out our new website to learn more. We discuss the value of RigD for developers, give you insight into our upcoming editions, and have a variety of resources such as videos and guides.


Like all Beta’s, our first Beta gave us valuable feedback to enhance our platform and allowed us to add critical new aspects of Beta and RigD service such as:


  • User Management¬† and online setup instructions
  • Additional for multiple AWS Accounts and target Region switching
  • RigD Pipelines
  • Core RigD Operations such as Clear, History and Run Past


Just take a look at the response to our help command to find out everything you can do:

Check out the new website and give RigD a try.

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