A Simple Serverless Slack App Using RigD

A Simple Serverless Slack App

This is a simple first public view into the RigD Bot.  Sign up for Beta to try it out and get access to more extensive information.

RigD makes it easy to get your work done fast. We bring everything together in Slack where you can use RigD to perform things we call activities. An activity is basically a command we will run against a specific tool RigD is integrated with. Before we can get started running some activities we need to start a message thread with RigD.

 Choose the Plus sign to add an app.

Choose the Plus sign to add a Slack App.

 Type or choose RigDBot from the list.

Type or choose RigD from the list.

 Now Let start by Typing "Hello"

Now Let start by Typing “Hello”

 You should see a response like this.

You should see a response like this.

 Now you are off to races! You may want to try the activity help to get a better idea of how to use RigD and what you can do with it.

Running Activities with RigDbot

Throughout this guide we will give you a basic example with which you can execute a command. For example create s3 bucket. However, in many cases variations will also work, as you go through the guide try asking RigD to run activities using words and phrases you think should work. If you try something and it doesn’t work we will take a look and update as needed.

In the help you will notice that we provide the full syntax. this include all the required and optional inputs, with the places to add inputs in brackets. You can always run an activity with this full syntax or just a simple version provided in this guide. In fact you can even include only some inputs with the command and we will ask you for any required inputs you didn’t include.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.25.39 AM.png

The examples you will find in the prompts when using RigD are not the same values you will need to enter when following this guide.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 10.30.13 AM.png

Finally, while all RigD activity commands are not case sensitive, nearly all AWS inputs are, so please take note of the case for any AWS activity inputs and outputs.

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